Senior manager : food & beverage

Guaranteeing application of the quality guidelines, directing the operations, capitalizing on revenue opportunities… The Senior Manager of Food and Beverage has an acute awareness of actions to be taken of all forms and in every area: Guest flow, putting best practices into place, ensuring that procedures are followed, training… Concrete, well grounded, he makes sure that every objective is obtained.

About as close to the operations as one can get, the position requires that you be extremely capable of anticipating everything and are 200% efficient.
Senior manager food and beverage
Senior manager : food & beverage
At Disneyland Paris since 1991

Making our ambitions become a reality

« I was always on the go. Before beginning at Disneyland Paris in 1991, I had already worked for about 10 other companies. I have been here now for almost 20 years; I have moved around and made the rounds but I have also been able to establish a stable family life. Now that’s what I call mobility without constraints! Today I run 5 food and beverage units in the 2 parks and intervene in the food and beverage areas of the hotels. I spend about 40% of my time in the operations. I find it absolutely necessary. First of all, it is my second nature and then, that’s where the action is. Above all, it is the only gage one has for being able to determine what needs to be done to guarantee optimal guest satisfaction. »

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