How does the recruitment process work?

An appointment is made for an interview on a specific date. The session starts with a presentation about the available opportunities and the working conditions. The interviews with a recruiter follow. An answer is either given immediately or at a later date, as mentioned by the Casting Representative.

How long does it take to treat an application?

We answer all our candidates within a maximum of 3 weeks. This period is reduced to a week or 10 days for every candidate met for an interview.

Am I reimbursed for my travel expenses to come to the interview?

Disney does not reimburse travel expenses for journeys to and from the job interview.

How do I apply for a job in the parks, hotels, Disney Village or in your Administrative offices?

  • send a CV/Resume and cover letter by post to:

Disneyland Paris Casting
B.P. 100
77777 Chessy, Marne-la-Vallée Cedex 4

  • Apply on our internet site.

What are your recruitment requirements?

  • Flexibility with working hours: the park is open 365 days a year/ weekends and national holidays. Non-fixed working hours are the norm, often as early as 7am and as late as midnight generally speaking. Some positions require working as late as 2am and even during the night. Your manager gives you your schedule.
  • You must be at least 18 years old when your contract begins; exception, apprenticeships, where 16 is the minimum age.
  • You must speak conversational English and French.
  • You must be in possession of the necessary documents allowing you to work in France.

How can we apply to a job without selecting an advert ?

Select "Apply" on the Home Page, then "Créer un cv" and create your personal account, detailling your datas. It will be saved for future researches by our Casting teams.

What are the age requirements to be eligible for a job ?

Candidates must be at least 18 years old. For apprenticeships, candidates must be between 18-25 years old

What are the languages accepted to write our application form (cover letter, cv...) ?

Applications forms should be written in French or in English only.



What kinds of apprenticeships and/ or internships do you offer?

We have both internships and apprenticeships in most jobs: human resources, communication, marketing, hospitality, restaurants, bars, attractions, merchandise, horticulture, reservations, conventions, technical services, security and administration.
All of the terms and conditions are in the apprenticeship/internship pages of the site- please feel free to consult them.



How are the first few days working at Disneyland Paris organised?

First day: Disney Tradition Class- presentation of the company and its culture.
Second day: Orientation- visit behind the scenes.
Third day: Security training and medical visit (don’t forget your vaccination book /health records).



What types of contracts are available at Disney?

  • Open-ended contract (CDI)- full time 35 hours per week; part-time 25 or 16 hours per week with possibility to work up to 28 hours per week during the school holidays.
  • Fixed term (CDD)- full time 35-hour contract with an end-date beginning every week from February onwards and lasting from between 2 to 8 months (July and August obligatory).

Working conditions

How will I be paid?

All of our employees are paid at the end of each month via transfer into bank account or by check Credit Mutuel or La Banque Postale.

  • La Banque Postale: These checks may be cashed in any post office in France.
  • We recommend that you open an account in France to limit international banking charges. We will help you open an account once you arrive in France.
  • Bank transfer: After your trial period and after you have completed all the necessary documentation, your salary will be paid directly into your French bank account. Otherwise, you’ll be paid by check.
  • For employees who are normally living outside of France and are in our housing: 3 checks will be issued at the end of your contract (last pay check, housing deposit refund and travel reimbursement costs).
  • For your own security we recommend that you deposit your check into a bank account rather than cashing the totality.

Where can I eat at work?

We have several cafeterias for our employees: in the hotels, administrative buildings and the park itself. Cafeterias are subsidized 65% thus, a full meal costs between 3 and 5 euros.

Are my travel expenses reimbursed?

There are two types of travel reimbursement:

  • Non-Paris region employees:

Travel costs between home country and Disneyland Paris: reimbursed up to 76.22 euros for open-ended “C.D.I.” contract and up to 152.45 euros for a fixed term “C.D.D.” contract. Please keep the originals of any tickets, receipts or email confirmations.

  • Daily transportation to and from work at Disneyland Paris

reimbursed 80% of public transport costs.

Is there any possibility to work overtime?

The manager may request that you work some extra hours. These extra hours are either recuperated or paid. The choice is yours and can be changed in January of each year.


How does the social security system work? – How do I sign up?

You will need a certified French translation of your birth certificate. A standard form for European nationals exists – Check with your local town/city hall or equivalent.
Employees who work for the first time in France are automatically registered by the company to the social security’s health insurance fund and receive a temporary Social Security number.
In the month following the beginning of your contract, you will receive a letter from your French Social Security office, with details of how to obtain your permanent social security number.
Once the file is completed, the social security will send you a “Carte Vitale” (medical card) with a definitive Social Security number.
We recommend employees not from France to inquire with their health insurer for the means of refunds for any medical expenses incurred during the first working months in France.

What do I do if I become ill?

  • Let your manager know.
  • Go and see a doctor, get a form confirming that you are sick and within 48 hours send a copy your manager and another to social security.


How much money should I bring with me?

  • You should bring approximately 460 euros for the first month.
  • A 200 euro deposit is required for housing. This is paid upon arrival and can be done so in cash (euros only) or by credit card.

What do I need to bring with me if I am going to be living in one of the Disney residences?

Your clothes, comfortable black shoes and a towel. Our apartments in our residences are fully equipped. You can bring also your television

How do I get to the residences?

You’ll need to arrive the day before your contract starts at the Fantasia building in Val d’Europe where both the Casting and Housing departments are based (except for Satuday / Sunday)
We ask that you try to arrive before 3pm. Your exact housing location and apartment number will be given to you on this day.
Our address : Disneyland Paris (recrutement-logement) – 16 cours du Danube – 77700 Serris.

Who will I share my accommodation with?

You will meet your roommate(s) upon arrival. Unless otherwise requested, females are housed with females and males with males.

Please, note that animals are not accepted in our residencies.

When do I need to leave the residence?

Employees housed in our residences must leave in the 3 days following the end of their contract.

Who can be housed in the Disney Residences?

Our residences are primarily for employees coming from outside the Paris region or from abroad.
The apartments are shared from 2 to 6 people living together.
Each resident shares a room with someone else.
The residences are not co-ed unless specifically requested by the resident.
The rent is revised every October.
Rent includes service charges (electricity, hot water…) however a 200-euro deposit is required upon arrival.
Housing is subject to availability.

How do I pay my rent?

The rent for the Disney Residences is debited automatically from your pay. Please consult the housing department for further information.

Can I have friends/ family over to stay with me in the residences?

They can come to visit you but cannot live with you or stay overnight.Visitors have to be over 18.

Please consult the residence reception for more details.



What are the conditions for me to let my friends into the parks?

  • After two months seniority you will receive a pass that will allow you to invite 3 guests twice.
  • After six months of seniority you will receive a new pass that will allow you to invite 3 guests 15 times in one calendar year.

What are the other advantages or discounts available to employees?

There are many advantages: free park entry, merchandise, food and beverage discounts... Also, many of our neighboring businesses and sponsors offer certain discounts and benefits.



Where can I find the next Disney Audition dates?

  • You can consult the Auditions calendar for the next dates for Disneyland Paris auditions.
  • You can consult the website: Disneyauditions.com for the next dates for Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Lines, Hong Kong Disneyland et Tokyo Disney Resort auditions.

What do I need to send in order for my application be considered?

Your application should include:

  • Detailed resume/cv (email address, your height, your availabilities, …).
  • Recent portrait photos and full length photos.
  • Cover letter.
  • Depending on the position, an audio support (MP3) may be necessary.

What advice would you give me for my first Disney audition?

  • Be on time.
  • Have a professional attire.
  • Be yourself and give your best.
  • If specified by the Casting Director, come prepared for your specific role.
  • For more audition tips, please consult disneyauditions.com (“audition experience” tab).

I did a research on your website but I cant find anything which suits my entertainment skills.

Click on ”Entertainment” section then "Our Auditions”. You will find there our up-to-date list of current auditions.
In every poster you will find the information about how to apply (either we need to receive your application or it is an open call).
If you are unable to match your requirements with any of the auditions, please come back at a later date in order to see any updates of this section.

For Cosmetology/Entertainment Costuming jobs, please send your applications at this address:
Recrutement Costuming Opérations Spectacle
BP 100 - Bat. Merlin
77777 Marne la Vallée Cedex

For Dressmaking jobs, please send your applications at this address:

Recrutement Création des Costumes
Service Atelier Couture - Bâtiment Imaginations
BP 100
77777 Marne La Vallée Cedex 4

I have received an invitation to the next audition but I cannot be present that day. What can I do?

Please inform us through this contact form (click here). Don't forget to be precise in the job you applied for and your audition availability dates.